With the #UseTheNews project, media organizations and media research institutes are getting to grips with changes in news usage and developing new information services specifically for the under 30s. The playbook provides valuable insights and findings on this topic. It is published by the German Press Agency dpa and the German Association of Digital Publishers and Newspaper Publishers (BDZV). Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW Hamburg) is supporting the project.


In addition to basic information about changing attitudes and usage habits, the playbook offers inspiration and concrete recommendations for the development of new news offerings. It also provides insights into the state of contemporary news literacy education in schools. More than 50 experts share their knowledge in the approximately 150-page playbook.

Contents of the playbook:


  • Studies: What the #UseTheNews study reveals about teens and young adults and what we can learn from it for journalism and education policy. Includes an overview of current studies on media and news usage.
  • Product development methods: How newsrooms develop new products for young audiences and how successful product thinking works in journalism.
  • Best practices: Successful media offerings for young people in Germany - media professionals report on the challenges and lessons learned while developing new formats.
  • International best practices: Young media professionals give insights into the ways they have achieved success when it comes to reaching young target groups. Includes an overview of international best practices.
  • The #UseTheNews topic groups and their projects: Innovative product developments and first pilot projects on the topics of audio/podcast, formats, collaboration, product/brand, language, topics, and video. Includes practical tips.
  • News literacy in schools: What we know about teaching news literacy in the classroom and how the Open News Education (ONE) approach can complement and link existing offerings to promote news and media literacy.